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Corporate Physiotherapy

28.2 million workdays are lost because of musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions in the UK. With MSK conditions becoming increasingly prevalent, employers need to provide corporate physiotherapy services to reduce the working days lost to MSK conditions and improve employee health and wellbeing.

The Doctors Clinic Group aims to reduce workplace absence and presenteeism through our corporate physiotherapy programme. Our expert physiotherapists can bring you accessible face to face or video physiotherapy treatments.


Why it’s important for companies to consider offering corporate physiotherapy?

MSK health is often overlooked by employers especially in roles that are office-based or more sedentary in nature although, with increasing amounts of physical inactivity and sedentary working, whether that be in the office or from home, MSK injuries are becoming more prevalent.

In 2017, 28.2 million days were lost due to MSK conditions whilst sickness absence costs UK businesses an average of £522 per case, with this number likely to rise due to an ageing workforce It is estimated that by 2030 40% of the working age UK population will have an MSK condition.

Our corporate physiotherapy packages can keep your employees in good health, reduce days lost due to MSK conditions and educate to prevent future injuries that may occur through lifestyle or workplace habits for example posture and workplace desk ergonomics.


How physiotherapy can help employees?

If your team are experiencing ongoing muscle pain, suffering from a sports injury or not moving as well as they used to, our team of expert physiotherapists can offer the advice and support they need. Our approach to using physiotherapy as a treatment is tailormade to your people. We’ll work on identifying the cause of the problem and develop a treatment plan that fits their lifestyle.


What corporate physiotherapy support do you offer?

Ergonomic desk assessments

An Ergonomic Workstation Assessment assesses an employee’s home working set-up and identifies any issues that may affect their health. 

Home-working health checks

With lots of employees working from home our  ‘home-working health check’ provides the ability for businesses to support their employees and help them protect their health whilst working from home. The home working-health check offering is delivered live on a one-to-one basis via video consultation with a trained Physiotherapist. Inclusive of an ergonomic desk assessment the home-working health checks also include many additional elements such as a prescription of exercises and stretches that can help to prevent and relieve discomfort due to home working. 

Accessible physiotherapy consultations

Our expert physiotherapists can bring your employees accessible face to face or video physiotherapy treatments. 

Health and wellness days

Interactive health and wellness days. Our highly qualified team of physiotherapists and healthy lifestyle advisors can deliver a wide range of health and wellbeing advice to your employees.

On-site Physiotherapy 

On-site physio and lunchtime classes. Our physiotherapists can come directly to your place of work to give individual and group-based sessions.


What if we already have Private Medical Insurance as an employee benefit?

The good news is we now work with all major insurance providers so your people and business can benefit from our corporate physio service through a benefit you already have in place.

And, if you do not have private medical insurance – don’t worry our physio service is available to all businesses onsite, virtually or at any of our partner’s  300+  locations nationwide.


Private physio has many benefits for your people and your business:

  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessments mean your employees desk and chair are set up correctly, reducing the chances of injury and pain
  • If an employee is injured, they receive a fast assessment, work specific treatment and rehabilitation
  • Employees return to work quickly after injury
  • Onsite physio means there’s little disruption to your business
  • Employees feel happier as they are looked after, reducing employee turnover


Interested in finding out more about our corporate physiotherapy services? Contact our corporate team today by completing the form below.

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