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Referrals to specialists

Comprehensive health care all in one place

Whilst GP services are at our core, we also have an expanding network for secondary care consultant specialist available in our clinics, nearby partner locations and via video.

Imaging Services

Our partnership with Alliance Medicals means our GPs can provide same-day X-rays (including chest x-rays) and provide instant reports. Therefore, if any health screens or new starter medicals that require a chest x-ray, we can easily accommodate without adding to the reporting turnaround time. 

We are also able to offer rapid referrals for ultrasound, MRI and CT scans where necessary at our partner locations across the UK. 

Consultant Specialists

Many of our clients provide our services alongside private medical insurance schemes. Whilst we can refer to all specialists within our healthcare network, we also have a selection of specialists who provide consultations at our clinics or via video consultation. Our consultant specialists cover orthopaedics, cardiology, dermatology, minor surgery, podiatry and women’s health.

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Mental Health Services 

All our GPs are trained in recognising and treating mental health disorders. However, if they feel that the patient needs further support from a specialist, they will refer them to our onsite Consultation Psychiatrist at our Blackfriars clinic. The patient also has the option of having the consultation via video appointment with any of our mental health consultant specialists within 48 hours of referral. 

By providing same-day appointments and a seamless patient journey, we provide a safety net for many patients who need support and specialist care to help them cope with acute or ongoing mental health disorders. 

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Corporate GP Services

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Corporate Health Screenings

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Referrals to specialists

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Occupational Health

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