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Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops 

Our corporate wellbeing workshops, led by experienced clinical staff, educate employers and employees on key wellbeing topics in order to help encourage and support your employees to improve their overall wellbeing and health.  Utilising evidence-based, proprietary content our training workshops provide a great foundation to help instill a positive wellbeing culture. 

They can be offered on site at your offices or virtually via webinar. 

Educate, Support and Encourage 

Featuring an extensive range of topics, our corporate workshops are delivered by industry experts to fulfil the needs of your business.  We work with your business to create tailored workshops and personalised packages that are bespoke for your company. 

Tailored to suit your business we can offer the workshops in a format to suit you. Whether you are after short 30-minute wellness session, lunch and learn style or a dedicated full-day deep dive into the world of mental health. Moreover, as remote working becomes the new norm, we also offer webinars to support and train employees from home.  

Following our dedicated workshops, we also offer a range of GP and occupational health services meaning we can help both employers and employees manage mental health issues and other business needs quickly and effectively. 

Topics for our Wellbeing Workshops include :

  • Sleep 
  • Mental health
  • Nutrition
  • Remote working 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Management training 
  • Work-life balance 

Our Corporate Wellbeing Webinars Include:

Mental health and wellbeing
A healthy workforce is a happy workforce, which is why it is so important to provide employees with the tools and insights to stay mentally strong.
Healthy eating
The importance of eating the right types of food in proportion to the amount of exercise we do to stay healthy.
A good night’s sleep is essential for staying alert and energetic as well as building your body’s defenses against ill health.
Staying healthy for shift workers
Helping employees to manage their sleep and personal routines around shift work.
Drugs and Alcohol
Awareness and understanding​ of the affects of drugs and alcohol, especially for employees.
How can you manage this natural life-stage in the workplace and how to mitigate the symptoms.
Keeping healthy in retirement
The importance of eating right and maintaining an exercise routine to avoid ill health in retirement.
Back and joint pain
How to avoid back and joint pains in the workplace and what to do if you do experience physical discomfort.
The positive adaptation to adversity despite serious threats to progression and maintaining a healthy mindset, especially in the workplace.

Let's talk about your needs

If you are interested in any of the above workshops, please get in touch with our corporate team. 

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