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Workplace Flu Vaccinations

Workplace flu vaccinations

Protect your teams by providing workplace flu vaccinations this winter. We offer a flexible, cost effective flu vaccination service to help prevent the spread of flu, and minimise the impact of sickness on productivity.

This year, the importance of protecting our health and reducing our overall risks has never been more relevant. Vaccination against the worst identified strains of flu is another way to protect ourselves at a time when further waves of coronavirus are predicted. Whether your employees are working from the office or at home, we have a solution to suit.

The Doctors Clinic Group recommend the Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination which is in line with NHS and World Health Organisation advice. This vaccine is superior, protecting against four flu virus strains, as opposed to the usual three strains meaning that your employees will be protected against more strains than ever before. The vaccine is suitable for those aged 18 – 64 years of age. It is not advised for those with an allergy to eggs.

Why provide the flu vaccination for your employees

Every year businesses across the UK lose millions of days of productivity due to sickness and absence caused by influenza. It is highly contagious and is one of the greatest sources of short-term illness in the UK. This has a huge impact on your absence costs and staff morale with other employees having to cover additional work due to sickness absence. 

We provide flu jabs administered by a trained nurse, and we’ll support your internal promotion and supply follow up wellness materials for your teams. By providing the flu vaccinations for your employees you’re not only protecting your colleagues, but also family and friends by reducing the spread of the flu virus. 

What our Workplace Flu Vaccinations services include:

With a flexible offering, we can provide corporate flu programmes on-site, in clinic or remotely with flu vouchers.


Flu Vouchers 
It’s not always possible for your employees to attend an on-site vaccination clinic, therefore The Doctors Clinic Group is able to offer flu vouchers. Employees simply take a voucher to a local retailer, where a trained nurse or pharmacist will administer the vaccine. With over 4,000 retailers to choose from your employees will have a wide variety of choice.


On-site flu vaccinations

Flu vaccinations at work by fully qualified nurses on a date and time to suit you.

We provide onsite flu jabs administered by a trained nurse, and we’ll support your internal promotion and supply follow up wellness materials for your teams. By providing the flu vaccination at your workplace you’re not only protecting your colleagues, but also family and friends by reducing the spread of the flu virus. 


Online booking

Easy online booking allows your employees to book their timeslot in advance, with appointments confirmed directly with employees by email and text. No waiting around or wasted time visiting a pharmacy or other location.


Wellness content

We provide information about the flu virus that can be shared with your employees as well as posters about the upcoming flu jab date.


Aftercare service

We also have a dedicated email for post-vaccination queries and advice.


Why choose us as your workplace flu vaccination provider?

We know picking a flu vaccination provider is an important decision and often comes down to flexibility and cost. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering a service that fits around your company and your needs, all at a competitive price.


We guarantee:

  • Highly competitive quotes
  • Flexible and reliable service 
  • Flu Vaccine administered by qualified staff
  • Easy on-site set up
  • Uptake reports
  • Doctor-led follow up care for your employees
  • Engagement support

What our clients said about us

“Thank you for today, the nurse was absolutely lovely! Everything ran as calmly and smoothly as you had promised! Please accept our sincere thanks!” – Investment Bank, 2018

“Thanks a lot for arranging and all went very smoothly and the doctor administering was very reassuring and professional.” – Law Firm, 2018


Contact us today for for your no-obligation quote for workplace flu vaccinations. 

Take care of your people, take care of your business.


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    What flu vaccination we use

    We’re providing the Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccination, as recommended by the NHS and World Health Organisation. This will protect your employees against more strains of the influenza virus than the previously used Trivalent vaccination.

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