It's well and truly flu season now with more and more people coming down with it every week. So why are you putting off getting your vaccine? 


I’m scared of needles

Yeah needles are horrible and scary. But we promise it’s very tiny and you barely feel a scratch – it will be over before you know it. A small moment of discomfort is much better than being stuck in bed for days with a horrible sore throat, head ache, snotty nose, aching body and nasty cough.

It’s not that cold yet

You’re right – it’s been unseasonably warm so flu feels very unlikely. But you don’t get Flu from the cold, it’s actually the virus passing from person to person. So if you’re spending time on public transport, in an office or anywhere with lots of people you’re just as exposed to flu regardless of the temperature.

I’m young and healthy so I’ll be fine

Flu does discriminate by age. You’re just as likely to get it and be out of action for a number of days regardless of how old you are. There’s also the risk of passing it on to your loved ones who might not be able to recover as quickly as you.

The vaccine will make me ill

This is a very common misconception. You might get an achy arm and feel a little run down for a day but it’s nothing compared to the actual effects of flu. We promise you…the flu jab does not give you the flu!

I don’t want to pay for it

We completely appreciate that money is tight as the moment however coming down with flu could cost you more than the jab. You could be forced to take 3 – 5 days off of work meaning you could miss out being paid and have a stressful return to work with lots to catch up on!

While these are all very reasonable reasons to be apprehensive of the flu jab they shouldn’t be reasons to not get it at all.