Patient Testimonials


Very friendly doctors and reception staff

Lilly A.
31st May 2022

Appointment at short notice ,professional service ,would use again Many thanks

Alistair C.
16th March 2022

I consulted with Dr Enrique at Canary Wharf and he is simply the best, most patient, intelligent and empathetic GP i have ever experienced. Thanks to him and the LDC team for an excellent service 

Zulfia. N
22nd February 2022

Good experience with a doctor who listened to me and gave me good advice. It was a proper GP appointment when I needed.

Roland. N
31st January 2022

I arrived for my appointment a little early and was seen quickly. The doctor was very pleasant, understanding and very efficient. I received my results 24 hours later on Sunday am. Excellent service.

James A.
31st January 2022

Fantastic service, same-day appointment, very helpful doctors and swift treatment. What more could you ask for?

Mo Q.
15th January 2022

Very efficient, friendly and professional. Would highly recommend them.

Lois T.
11th January 2018

Was able to book an appointment effortlessly only a few hours in advance. Filled in a simple form ahead of time to give a brief of my details and reason for appointment – this saved time registering in person. Zero wait time, clean and professional offices, doctor was superb and very clear in communication and the cost of the appointment was very reasonable.

Adam T.
4th January 2018

I had left my prescription medicine in Australia. So I arranged an appointment that morning and was able to see a Dr and arrange a prescription. FThe service with profession, thorough and competent.

V Jacob
25th December 2017

Good medicine at your own convenience

Toby F.
24th December 2017

I saw Dr Barry who was pleasant, informed and gave balanced options (for instance not pushing me to have additional tests). Results emailed as promised.

Rob T.
20th December 2017

After 2 months of trying to get tests and good sense out of the NHS, and a lot of stress in the process, everything I needed was achieved in a single day by a lovely London Doctor. Such efficiency and such sound and caring advice was the most pleasant surprise to me. I wholeheartedly recommend them and will definitely use them again if I need to.

Ruth S.
20th December 2017

A U. S. tourist staying in a hotel near Paddington–shortly after 8 a.m. on a Friday I found the clinic online, and I was able to book an appointment for 9:30 A.M. that day. The clinic is inside a high-rise building near the train station. The receptionist and doctor were very friendly and waiting for me in a pristine clean area. I received good professional treatment, and was in and out with my much-needed antibiotic in less than 20 minutes: Appointments from £75 plus 10 pounds for filling the prescription for me ‘on the spot.’ I was certainly pleased with the rapid response and good care that I received.

Jane F.
11th December 2017

Easy to find, very kind and helpful staff. Will definitely come back again next time I need to see someone urgently. I’d only booked the evening before, and was in there speaking to someone first thing the next morning

Rhiannon S.
23rd November 2017

Excellent professional good value service.

James S.
6th November 2017

Very good service at a fair price…

Paul R.
2nd November 2017

Use this service a lot. Very practical for city workers, good consultants and not too pricey. Highly recommend.

Henry L.
1st November 2017

Easy, quick and convenient. A friendly and professional service.

Charlotte A.
30th October 2017

I was seen very quickly and treated straight away. It’s a great service. 

Bob C.
28th October 2017

Extremely friendly and reassuring. Very good value. Saves the stress of making the phone call to your GP to be told you cant be seen for 10 days. Will definitely recommend.

Daryl G.
23rd October 2017

In Paddington the doctor I met with was clear, caring and knowledgable & helped me deal fine with the issue at hand.

Benjamin G.
23rd October 2017

Very efficient and readily available through the on-line booking system. I was seen within minutes of the time slot booked, found the Doctor to be professional and provided a good service for a reasonable price.

Andrew C.
29th September 2017

Jay was incredibly reassuring and comprehensive. A great doctor to discuss health, rather than simply be given the conclusion without explanation. Makes a big difference! 

Joe L.
14th September 2017

The doctor I saw, Dr. Roger, would be one of the best, if not the very best and friendliest, professional and helpful doctor I have been to in my adult life. 

19th September 2017

Very easy to book, was seen within 2 hours of my request and the doctor was very reassuring. Great service.

Robert P.
23rd August 2017

Easy booking, quick service, amazing facilities and a friendly, helpful GP.

Georgia R.
20th August 2017

Dr Chaudhri was very helpful, He was calm, kind and made me feel welcome and relaxed. That is why I recommend LDC to my friends & colleagues. Many thanks.

Michael F.
29th August 2017

Booked in same day, seen on time and results next day by email. Couldn’t be better.

Simon B.
31st July 2017

Great service: convenient location, good choice for booking, received the report of my health check assessment (including blood tests) in 1 day

Dario C.
28th July 2017

Excellent doctor. Thorough questioning. Very good service.

Diederik De V.
15th June 2017

Fast and efficient service, quick turnaround for my busy life. Good service

Karl S.
15th June 2017

Appointments always available last minute, professional doctors each time I’ve been who are happy to give you what you require but still do all the necessary checks and warnings, been getting Kenalog Hayfever injections here for the last 3 years and been best money I’ve ever spent each time, those who suffer from Hayfever know how much value something that takes it away 99% is!

Bazz K.
15th May 2017

Fantastic experience at the London Doctors Clinic, booking system is easy to use and I got an appointment close to work the following day. Appointment on time and the doctor was excellent. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Camilla M.
4th May 2017

This is an exceptional service for people with a busy schedule or limited time in London. I am an expat and need support in managing my diabetes. The LDC has provided a fast turn around on test results, follow-up advice and issue of prescriptions, at very reasonable prices.

Martin C.
19th April 2017

I rarely write testimonials but was seriously impressed by the speed, tact and efficiency of this no fuss service. Given waiting times and clogged surgeries this is a dream. The doctor I saw was expert and clearly utterly on top of her game. And the price is very reasonable.

L Doran
27th March 2017

The Best Doctor in London – Incredibly patient, supportive and properly heard symptoms to recommend next steps. Definitely will see her again!

Noelle S.
15th March 2017

Fast, reliable, professional. The service offered is perfect and Dr. Lemoine is a lovely and kind person as well, I couldn’t have asked for more .

Domenico P.
28th February 2017

From two different visits: convenient location, pleasant professional doctors, prompt test results, what’s not to like? London Doctor’s Clinic is one of the advantages of being in London, it is effortless to see a doctor during the day without taking much time. Routine health care done right.

Carl R.
3rd February 2017

Fantastic Service ..Highly recommended .. seen by Heschil Lewin and his care and knowledge was exceptional 🙂

Gowtham D.
3rd February 2017

Worth every penny. from £89 is a smal price to pay for an appointment when you want it, at a convenient location and with an incredibly helpful doctor. Highly recommended.

30th January 2017

London Doctors Clinic is a really good walk in clinic. Quick, professional and friendly. I booked online in few seconds and I met the doctor after only few hours. Dr Jay Bowden was really helpful and nice.

24th January 2017

Very impressed with the whole experience. This was my first visit to this clinic and the Dr I saw went out of her way to put me at ease and get me the help I needed straight away. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

3rd November 2016

The convenience for a professional is priceless. I had been feeling ill with a sinus infection for a few days. Got into the office Wednesday morning and thought I should get some anti-biotics. Called Oxford St Clinic and an appointment was made for an hour later. Turned up early, no problem they saw me immediately. I was seen, diagnosed and had the annti-biotics within 15 mins. Fantatsic service with fantatsic people on the ground. Thank you.

14 October 2016

I was hugely impressed with the service and advice I received from Dr Brewer last Friday. Indeed, I have to say Dr Brewer is by far the most competent and pleasant GP I’ve consulted in my 70-year life to date. I cannot praise her too highly.

26 September 2016

Extremely friendly and helpful, as an international student I was terrified when I was horribly sick and my Mother suggested I go to a private doctor for now. I was able to get an appointment that day and a quick and easy check up, plus they had the antibiotics I needed right there.

30 January 2016

Quick and immediate service was needed for visa preparation. Knowing there’s a place it can get done in a timely manner and reasonable charges made all the difference.

1 August 2016

Wonderful service, great locations around the heart of London. I found the service to be convenient and fast, my ear was completely blocked with wax and I am now able to hear…what a relief!

3 July 2016

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