Why you should be happy at work

Whether you work full or part time, the workplace is likely to be intrinsic in your life. Moreover, it gives us all a feeling of normality and accomplishment. Work can become a big part of our lives, therefore, being happy at work should be as big a priority as being happy at home. Suppressing emotions such as sadness, anger, and frustration can lead to stress on the body which has the potential to lead to physical and mental symptoms of ill health.


Benefits for being happier at work

Being happy is the key to everything we do because if we are not happy, the output will not be good.

Research suggests that happier workers perform better, have more job satisfaction and have closer bonds with their colleagues. Being happier at work means you’ll be more creative and effective in problem-solving, as well as decision making, which leads to more productivity and potentially faster career advancement. More importantly, if you are happy, you are less likely to suffer symptoms of stress.


Tips for being happier at work:

Find a Career you Enjoy

Finding the right job is essential. It is more likely that you will be passionate about a role that you enjoy or uses skills that you are proud of.

Take Charge of Professional and Personal Development

If you get ongoing feedback you can feel in control of your career and can see yourself improving and growing which is more likely to lead to a feeling of satisfaction in your role.

Know What is Happening at Work

Feeling out of the loop of current developments can lead to feelings of disconnection and feeling undervalued. Ensuring good communication will help to ensure involvement.

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Avoid Negativity

Participating in a toxic work environment will increase unhappiness, no matter how much you may enjoy your job. Avoid any negative conversations, gossip, and unhealthy work relationships as much as possible.

Have a Comfortable Working Environment

Ensuring that you are physically comfortable in all your workplace settings, this will help to avoid any suffering from back/neck pain. Additionally, take regular breaks to avoid any symptoms of repetitive strain injury.

Ensuring a good workstation setup is essential. Make sure to make use of available equipment such as a fully adjustable chair, height-adjustable desk, and a vertical mouse. Workstation Ergonomic Assessments can be completed to give specific advice on these areas.


What to do if you are struggling?

We all have periods of stress from time to time, whether home-based, or work-based, so if there are particularly difficult times, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and have regular contact with your line manager. Talk to your manager about taking some time off to focus on your mental health. It is also important that you are getting enough exercise, eating healthily, and avoiding excessive alcohol use.


How the Doctors Clinic Group can help?

The Doctors Clinic Group offers a range of mental health services for employees. All our GPs are trained in mental health and can discuss suitable support and treatment – if necessary. Our GPs will take time to understand the causes of your stress and unhappiness at work. And if more support is needed, can refer you to a Specialist for a range of treatment and therapies.

Our corporate GP services are available in clinic, on-site or via video appointment.

If you would like to find out more about our corporate mental health and GP services, get in touch with our corporate team today.

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