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We offer two different Chlamydia Tests at London Doctors Clinic, as a stand alone test or as part of a broader std test profiles.

These consultations are available at each of our 18 convenient London clinics, and all of that time will be spent with one of our doctors. Each Chlamydia Test will require an additional fee for the consultation time with a GP, usually from £89 for 15 minutes.

Chlamydia Fast Track (FCT) £60.00 4-6 Hours
Chlamydia Test (Slow) (CCG) £73.00 2 Working Days
Standard STI Screen Fast (Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea) (FCG) £85.00 4-6 Hours
Standard STI Screen Slow (Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea) (CCG) £73.00 2 Working Days


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What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a curable sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a type of bacteria.


How do you catch Chlamydia?

The bacteria is spread through sexual contact and the main causes of chlamydia infection are:

  • Through unprotected sexual intercourse (vaginal, anal or oral)
  • If your genitals come into contact with an infected person, so there does not need to be any penetration or ejaculation
  • If infected semen or vaginal fluid gets into the eye.


What are the symptoms of Chlamydia?

Most will not experience any symptoms but you may experience the following chlamydia symptoms:

  • Pain when you pass urine
  • Unusual discharge from vagina, penis or rectum
  • Stomach pains, bleeding after sex or in between periods (women)
  • Pain and swelling in the testicles (men)

It is important to be tested if you suspect you have Chlamydia, as if left untreated it can cause infertility, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and chronic health problems.


When should I get tested for Chlamydia?

The best time to for a Chlamydia test 2 weeks after any unprotected sexual intercourse, or if you develop any symptoms.


How do I get tested for Chlamydia?

A Chlamydia test can be by urine or a swab sample. This is sent to our central London laboratory for Chlamydia testing.


How will I get my results?

A doctor will email you the results once we have them back – normally within 2 days using the standard screening method or 6 hours using the Fast track screening programme.

If the result is positive, we will contact you by email or phone and discuss treatment options.


What is the treatment for Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is easily treated with a single dose of antibiotics or a course of antibiotics. You should not have sex (oral or using condoms) until one week after both you and your partner have completed treatment


Will I need to get retested for Chlamydia?

A Test Of Cure (TOC) is not routinely recommended for an uncomplicated genital chlamydia infection. However, there are certain circumstances where we would recommend this:

  • Pregnant women
  • If you remain symptomatic


Can I get Chlamydia again?

It is possible to get chlamydia infection again if you have sexual contact with someone who has the infection. To prevent this, ensure your partners have been treated before having sex with them again.

Protect yourself with new partners by ensuring a condom is used for all vaginal/anal/oral contact. Ensure that both you and a new partner have a sexual health screen before any unprotected sex.

Chlamydia Test Locations: Bank, Canary Wharf, Chislehurst, Chiswick, Esher, Fulham, Guildford, Hampstead, Islington, Kensington, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Oxford Street, St Albans, Twickenham, Victoria and Wandsworth or you can book an Online Doctor