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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal | Ear Syringing

Private Ear Microsuction | Removal of Earwax

Struggling to hear? Microsuction ear wax removal or getting your ears syringed, also known as earwax irrigation could be the answer. 

However, via a quick process of ear syringing London Doctors Clinic and our fully qualified, very experienced nurses can easily solve the issue. So why not come in for earwax removal with one of our team.

Book in today for an efficient and convenient service, at the fantastic price from £99.

Please note patients must be 18+ for ear syringing.



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Why should I come in for ear wax removal?

An earwax build-up is likely to be caused by the wax being pushed into the ear canal during cleaning with cotton buds. Although recognised by loss of hearing, there are other symptoms, which include coughing, itching, ringing and sometimes pain. The removal of earwax by getting ears syringed or microsuction ear wax removal can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Ear syringing itself involves using a flow of low-pressure water via a specialised ear irrigator to harmlessly remove the earwax blockage. Quick and painless, ear syringing at the London Doctors Clinic promises to have none of the hassle of waiting while catering to an important part of ear care. Simply book online for a 15-minute consultation, mentioning the earwax removal procedure in the Notes section when booking.

We’d also recommend you prepare your ear canals for the ear syringing, by using ear-drops to soften the wax (available from any pharmacy) for 3-7 days before the appointment. If the wax is not softened before your appointment, we may not be able to complete the procedure on the day of your appointment. 


What is ear wax?

Your loss of hearing could be due to a build up of earwax called Cerumen (or more commonly called- earwax). Acting as a defence mechanism for the ear, the wax can unwillingly make your sense of hearing dulled. This is due to the process where the wax clears any and all debris out of the ear. Starting at the outer third of the ear canal and making its way outwards, the wax utilities its unique properties of being a natural lubricant, adhesive and anti-bacterial to defend the sensitive parts of the ear. Removing earwax by getting ears syringed or with ear microsuction can help with any issues caused by a buildup. 

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Please read our information and consent form if you would like our help with an ear syringing procedure by clicking here.

Alternatively, give us a call or drop us an email for more information on ear stringing or removing earwax.

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