Women’s Health

Women’s health services

At London Doctors Clinic, we offer a whole host of services related to women’s health including a range of women’s health screenings. We have female doctors across our London clinics, plus some of our private GP’s specialise in women’s health so a specialist is always on hand.

Book a 15-minute GP appointment today (30 minutes if your require a smear test) to talk through any concerns and one of our doctors will give you expert advice. If you specifically want to visit a female doctor or a private GP who specialises in Women’s health, please give us a call and our Clinic Managers can help.

We see patients for a number of reasons, with our doctors able to help with a wide variety of Women’s Health issues, including: 


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Women’s health screenings

Looking for a general check-up or a set of specific women’s health tests? We have 6 women’s health packages, starting from Bronze through to Platinum. All our packages include a consultation with an experienced GP and a full gynaecological history review.

We also have specific packages for breasts and ovaries available.

Breast exams

Our trained GP’s can perform a full breast exam, for anyone experiencing any symptoms or changes – these changes can include pain, dimpling or lumps.


We can advise on the vast range of contraception options and can dispense the morning-after pill here in clinic too. As well as advice, we can also conduct tests such as blood-pressure checks if you’re on the pill.


You can see our private gynaecologist at our Oxford Street Polyclinic. Our highly trained gynaecologist will be able to help with any of your questions, concerns, symptoms and provide treatment for a whole host of women’s health related concerns. We can also provide copper and Mirena coil fittings, removals and renewals.

Female hormones

Our doctors can facilitate a wide range of hormone tests and advise on any hormone related concerns. Our GP’s are experienced in the effects of menopause and can provide prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Fertility counselling, investigations and referrals

We offer a range of fertility services, if you’re planning to have a baby. Our doctors can perform blood tests to investigate any potential fertility problems. We can also provide referrals to specialist fertility clinics should you need more investigations and testing.


If you’re suffering from irregular periods, severe cramps, abnormal bleeding or spotting, book an appointment with us and our team of fully trained doctors can help. We also can provide blood tests for investigating, referrals for private ultrasound scans that could detect Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Pre-pregnancy & Pregnancy testing

If you’re trying to conceive, our GP’s are happy to provide expert advice and any blood testing or screening. Take a look at our pre-pregnancy screen

We can also perform pregnancy testing – both the generic urine pregnancy test, plus the quantitative beta hCG blood test – which will reveal precise levels of this pregnancy hormone.

Stress management

We’re happy to discuss and advise on stress management that may have an impact on your day-to-day life and with issues relating to fertility, menopause and periods. We also offer a wide range of mental health services 

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