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The vast differences between men and women are often highlighted in the classic phrase “men are from Mars and women are from Venus“. Medically-speaking, at least, there are many major difference between males and females, such as anatomy and hormones. That’s why certain aspects of health are best separated specialities for Men’s and Women’s health. At London Doctors Clinic, all of our doctors are trained and experienced in the medical challenges associated with Women’s Health. We always have multiple female GP’s working across our central London clinics, some of which have Women’s Health as their main speciality. For a GP consultation, please book in online for a 15 or 30-minute appointment at any of our central London clinics. Alternatively, to specifically request a female doctor, or GP specialising in Women’s Health, please give us a call and one of our clinic managers can advise. We see patients for an infinite number of different reasons, with our doctors able to help with a wide variety of Women’s Health issues, including: To enquire about any other Women’s Health issues not mentioned above, please get in contact by phone or email, and one of the LDC team will be happy to advise!

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Breast examinations

Women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes, although with UK breast cancer rates as high as 1 in 8, it’s important to be aware of any subtle changes to your breasts. Our GP’s are able to perform a full breast exam, for any women with concerning breast symptoms or changes (such as pain, dimpling or lumps), or simply for peace-of-mind. Early detection of breast cancer can have a life-changing impact on disease outcome.

Contraceptive advice

We regularly see women for GP consultations regarding contraception, to discuss a range of options, or provide a new or repeat prescription. We can also provide general contraceptives check-ups, for example blood-pressure checks for women taking the pill. We can also advise women with regard to emergency contraception, and are able to dispense the morning-after pill, should the GP deem it appropriate.

Female Hormone Advice

Female hormones can have a big affect on women’s lives, both emotionally and physically. Female hormones can affect mood and capacity to deal with stress, to energy levels and weight. Our doctors are able to facilitate a wide range of female hormone tests, and advise on any hormone-related patient concerns. Our GP’s are also experienced in advising and helping women struggling with the effects of the menopause, and are able to provide prescriptions for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if the doctor decides this appropriate.

Fertility counselling, investigations and referrals

We offer a range of infertility services, for patients trying to have children. Our doctors regularly see women who are concerned about their fertility, and can facilitate basic blood tests to investigate any potential fertility problems. We can also provide referrals to specialist fertility clinics for more thorough investigation and treatment.

Menstrual advice

Many women suffer from menstruation problems, including irregular periods, abnormal bleeding/ spotting or severe pain. All of these are conditions that our GP’s are very experienced in helping patients to investigate and treat. Our doctors can also facilitate blood testing and provide ultrasound referrals for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a common gynaecological condition suffered by many women.

Pre-pregnancy advice & blood testing

For women trying to fall pregnant, our GP’s are happy to provide advice and any requested blood testing or screening. Click here fore more information.

Pregnancy Testing

Of course, alongside fertility advice and investigations, we’re also able to perform blood pregnancy testing – both the generic urine pregnancy test, plus the quantitative beta hCG blood test – which will reveal precise levels of this pregnancy hormone.

Stress Management

Of course, both men and women can suffer from stress from time to time. However, different genders may deal with this stress differently. Our doctors are more than happy to discuss and advise stress management during a 15 or 30-minute consultation. Please go here for more information on our Mental Health services.

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