Wound Management

Wound care | Dressings, Suture & Staple Removal

London Doctors Clinic has a team of highly qualified nurses who are experienced in dealing with a range of medical conditions including wound management.

Wound care £55 – 30 minute appointment  (we may charge extra for specialist dressings)

Stitch and Staple removal £50 – 15 minute appointment  

What to expect at your appointment:


Wound dressing

If you have had a recent surgery, drainage procedure or injury and have a wound dressing that needs to be changed. One of our nurses can monitor how your wound is healing, check for any signs of infection, change your dressing and provide an individualised wound care plan.

Wounds sustained by injury or animal bite will be assessed for any further necessary treatment including tetanus booster. These wounds may require further referral to a GP or specialist.

Suture & Staple removal

If you have sutures (stitches) or surgical staples following a recent minor surgery or an injury, our nurses will check how your wound is healing and remove these for you. For Suture and staple removal post, complicated procedures please us contact to discuss the details to ensure we can assist with your case.

 Please ensure you bring all discharge notes and documentation with you to your appointment, so the nurse is aware of the treatment plan.

Burns & scalds

Burns and scalds are damage to the skin usually caused by heat – appropriate first aid must be used to treat any burns or scalds as soon as possible. This will help limit the amount of damage to your skin.  Please see for first-aid advice  

Minor burns usually health within 14 days and whilst most burns and scalds can be managed at home some may require further treatment, the Nurses at London Doctors Clinic can assist by:– Assess your burn or scald to determine the level of treatment required

  • Monitor for  any signs of infection
  • Assess healing
  • Gently clean and dress the area as appropriate
  • Provide individualised wound care plan.
  • Advise on further specialist referral if appropriate.