Private sexual health clinic London


Private Sexual Health Clinic London

Looking for a private sexual health clinic in London? We have several clinics in and around central London offering private sexual health screenings, treatments and advice. With 20 locations to choose from and at-home tests also available you can rest assured that you will always be able to get the care you need.

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What services are available?

At our private sexual health clinic in London, we go above and beyond by offering a wide array of services. Our comprehensive tests cover all common sexually transmitted diseases, including:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis 
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Herpes
  • HPV 

You can book same-day appointments and get rapid results so you are never left waiting or worrying.

But we don’t stop at private STI testing. Our clinic serves as a trusted hub for information, advice, and support on a myriad of sexual health concerns, ranging from contraception and fertility to pregnancy-related queries. Our commitment to your privacy is unwavering, and our discreet, comprehensive services guarantee a seamless experience. Most treatments and medications can be swiftly dispensed during your visit, further streamlining your journey to peace of mind.

Booking an appointment at our private sexual health clinic in London is a breeze – a brief 15-minute session is all it takes to undergo the necessary tests. Feeling uncertain about which tests are right for you? Our experienced doctors are ready to engage in a thoughtful discussion about your symptoms, guiding you towards the personalized care and reassurance you seek.

Explore our sexual health page for detailed information about the tests we offer and transparent price-lists

Where is the private sexual health clinic London?

When it comes to convenience, we’ve got you covered. With sexual health services available at all 20 clinic locations in London, including flexible evening and weekend appointments, securing the ideal time for your visit has never been more convenient.


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When should I get tested?

Ensuring regular sexual health tests is a crucial aspect of maintaining overall well-being and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The frequency and necessity of testing may vary based on individual circumstances, but here are some general guidelines on when you should consider having a sexual health test:

  1. New or Multiple Partners:

    Test when engaging with new or multiple partners to detect and address potential infections early.
  2. Symptoms or Concerns:

    Seek testing if you experience symptoms or signs of an STI, ensuring early detection and timely treatment.
  3. Inconsistent Condom Use:

    Regularly test if condoms are not consistently used to reduce the risk of STI transmission.
  4. Previous STIs:

    Test regularly if you’ve had an STI before, even after treatment, to monitor and manage potential reoccurrences.
  5. Annual Check-ups:

    Incorporate sexual health tests into routine annual check-ups for early detection.
  6. Routine Testing for Specific STIs:

    Follow healthcare professionals’ advice for routine testing based on individual circumstances.


A sexual health test is the best way to get peace of mind if you have any worries at all. Appointments are quick and easy to book and we can get your results to you quickly.


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private sexual health clinic london
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