Weight Management



Specialist Dietitian Services

At London Doctors Clinic our Senior Specialist Dietitian, Charlotte Foster offer initial and follow-up consultations, where she will spend time understanding your goals and aims as well as conducting a thorough nutritional assessment. Using evidence-based nutrition, she will provide advice and support and you will work together to devise and set goals that are achievable and realistic to help you make steps towards fulfilling your goal/aim.


We see patients for:

  • Weight management (weight loss)
  • Gastrointestinal conditions e.g. IBS (low FODMAP diet), Coeliac Disease, Gluten sensitivity etc.
  • Nutrition support
  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Women’s health issues: PCOS
  • Oncology – nutrition & cancer
  • Cardiovascular health: high blood pressure/ high cholesterol
  • Respiratory health: asthma
  • Nutrition and pregnancy
  • Healthy eating

How do I book?

You can book online to speak to our specialist dietitian via video appointment using the link below. Appointments are available every Thursday between 9am-12pm.

How long is a consultation with the Dietitian?

Your appointment will be 60 minutes to ensure plenty of time to assess your medical history and lifestyle.

How much is a consultation?

An initial consultation with the dietitian is £100 for a 60 minute video consultation.


Please click on the link below to book a video appointment with our expert dietitian.



General Practitioner Consultations

Weight management is a difficult area for most of us and our general practitioners have wide experience and great success in helping people who struggle with overeating, under-exercising and addressing healthier lifestyle choices. If you would benefit from seeing a dietitian our doctors will refer you, or you can self-refer. 

Our general practitioners will discuss the ‘syntax’ of weight loss and help you to understand for yourself how diets work and why they usually don’t work forever. You will be supported to find what is going to work best for yourself and your lifestyle.

They will guide you through the physical and physiological aspects of weight management.

We provide as much ongoing support as you would like – from a single 15-minute discussion to referrals to our resident dietitian to properly explore the issues.

Referrals can be arranged for those who prefer surgical or specialist intervention.

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