Busting corporate healthcare myths

When it comes to corporate healthcare there are many myths and misconceptions that come with it, which aren’t actually true. From financial myths to rather personal ones, we’ve laid out a few corporate healthcare myths below with some myth-busting facts to keep you more informed! 

  • Corporate healthcare is too expensive: Corporate healthcare plans can be more cost-effective, the truth is that they often offer better coverage and more comprehensive services than individual plans. Whilst corporate plans can vary, the majority of our clients pay for a number of GP appointments upfront. Some companies will subsidise costs and use salary sacrifice. Furthermore, employees have a variety of ways to pay; usually, the company will pay for a certain amount of healthcare before the employee has to pay. This is particularly true with secondary care. Some corporate healthcare plans will be employee-paid or salary sacrifice. Sometimes employees will only pay a portion of the premium, with the company covering the rest. It’s best you check the details of your corporate health care plan.


  • Limited access to healthcare providers: Corporate healthcare plans typically have a large network of providers, giving employees access to the care they need, when they need it. With The Doctors Clinic Group, however, we also have a large variety of services that we cover from GP appointments, rapid referrals, secondary care, mental health, and occupational health all in-house.  




  • They lack of flexibility: Corporate healthcare plans are designed to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of employees and employers. For example, at The Doctors Clinic Group, employers can choose to add services on to their existing services whenever they’d like. We also can provide bespoke options for clients if needed. Our whole ethos is that employees can see a GP quickly and be back at their desks, which is why we have a range of GP appointments and services to choose from. 


  • Limited coverage for pre-existing conditions: Most corporate healthcare plans cover pre-existing conditions, and in many cases, there is no waiting period for coverage. If you have a pre-existing condition, The Doctors Clinic Group can still help. We are not a health insurance provider, we’re a health provider meaning that you don’t need to be worried about not being dealt with due to underlying or pre-existing conditions. 


  • Poor quality of care: The quality of care provided through corporate healthcare plans is often just as good, if not better than that provided through individual plans. Companies typically choose healthcare providers based on their reputation for high-quality care. 




  • Corporate healthcare only benefits top executives: Corporate healthcare plans can benefit all employees, regardless of position. It is in your company’s best interest to offer healthcare to all employees in a bid to reduce absenteeism, retains employees, and keep employees happier and healthier for longer. 


  • Corporate healthcare is only available to large companies: Corporate healthcare is increasingly being offered by small and medium-sized businesses all the time, especially as healthcare providers are offering more affordable plans for smaller companies. 


  • Your healthcare provider will tell your boss everything: FALSE! Healthcare is usually governed by strict confidentiality laws. So whether you’re struggling with your mental health, sexual health, or anything else – that stays between you and your healthcare provider. NOT your boss! 


In conclusion, while there are certainly some challenges associated with corporate healthcare, many of the myths surrounding this type of healthcare are simply not true. Corporate healthcare can offer employees access to high-quality care, flexible options, and comprehensive care, all at a cost that is often lower than what they would pay for an individual plan. Don't believe the misconceptions, explore the benefits of corporate healthcare for your team by contacting a member of our team today.