Corporate Healthcare VS Private Medical Insurance

Did you know our GP services can compliment your private medical insurance?

Private Medical Insurance is a valuable benefit. To access its benefits, employees require a GP appointment and if necessary, a referral to a specialist consultant or necessary diagnostic treatment. Whilst many insurers offer video GP appointments, these are not suitable for those who require a physical examination or face-to-face appointment.

It is increasingly difficult to get a face-to-face appointment, which then delays how quickly people become fit and well, this can impact your overall company performance. According to a 2021 report by the UK's National Audit Office (NAO), the average waiting time to see a general practitioner (GP) in England has increased from 13 days in 2015 to 15 days in 2020. 

It doesn’t have to be like this. Whilst we are not an insurer, what we do is work alongside any insurance offering and offer a way for your employees to make better use of their coverage with same-day access to GP appointments as an easy way to get a referral where it is clinically appropriate. 

Skip the waits with same day private GP appointments available online or in clinic.

According to a report by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), absenteeism due to employee sickness costs the UK economy an estimated £18 billion per year. This includes both direct costs, such as sick pay and the cost of hiring temporary staff, as well as indirect costs, such as lost productivity and the impact on customer service. In addition to the financial costs, employee sickness can also have a significant impact on workplace morale and productivity, as well as the well-being of individual employees.

Many companies have implemented policies and programmes to address employee health and well-being, such as flexible working arrangements and access to mental health support, in an effort to reduce absenteeism and improve overall workplace productivity. However, offering corporate same-day GP appointments that can be taken face-to-face, virtually or over the weekend can take your employee wellbeing to the next level.


We think health insurance is a great benefit. However, the proportion of employees who claim on their health insurance in any year is low, so the majority of your people don’t actually benefit. Employees are far more likely to need a GP than insurance. The average person sees a GP around 3 times a year. 

At The Doctors Clinic Group, we offer same-day face-to-face appointments, as well as, weekend appointments, same-day appointments, and video appointments. Meaning your team can kick-start the process of getting that GP appointment and subsequent referral letter. Not only that, but they can take the referral letter directly to their insurer and get the ball rolling toward better health!  

As a business, you want to provide the best possible healthcare options to your employees. Private medical insurance is one option that you may already have, but why not supplement this benefit with private accessible GP appointments. This can offer your staff flexibility and the ability to get any health ailments seen to as quickly as possible making absenteeism rates low and productivity higher. 

Contact our team if you want to boost you private medical insurance benefits.

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