Maintaining your healthy habits this summer:


Snacking is a big summer activity, especially when the heat can make cooking and eating a big meal seem unappetizing. We can find ourselves grazing throughout the day. This can make it difficult to keep track of what we’re putting into our bodies. Make sure that your snacks are both delicious and nutritious. Many fruits and vegetables are in season during the summer months, making them the perfect thing to reach for when hunger strikes. Make eating healthy this summer even easier by prepping fresh fruit and vegetables in advance so that they are even more accessible throughout the day. 

Hydration is extremely important during the summer, especially as we spend more time out in the sun. The heat can cause dehydration to occur must faster. Therefore, maintaining your water intake is vital. However, we know it can be difficult to always drink enough water. Although, you should aim for at least 2 litres every day. Luckily, fresh fruit and vegetables count towards your daily fluid intake due to their high water percentage. They are also packed full of vitamins and minerals which can help improve our overall health.

Make food exciting. Healthy food can and should be just as tasty as it is nutritious. The more excited you are about your healthy food options, the less likely you are to crave the non-healthy option. Food is fuel, but it can also be an enjoyable experience. Try experimenting with your recipes, especially salads this summer. Swap out that boring iceberg lettuce for some rocket or quinoa. Try cooking some of your favourite vegetables to add to your salad, testing out new seasoning for each. Think outside the box with your toppings. Try nuts and seeds rather than the traditional bread croutons. Adding different textures and flavours will not only make the meal delicious, but more filling.

Keep it simple. The best way to make lasting changes that will positively impact your health is to take it one step at a time. Don’t overload yourself with the pressure to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. Make realistic goals and stick to them. Your first challenge is to start eating healthy this summer, you can think about the next step later.


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