Working within a team is an immense privilege, consequently we should support and nurture our team members. At the Doctors Clinic Group, we understand how difficult it can be for employees to find time to see a doctor around their busy schedules, often having to wait days to get a GP appointment. However, a healthy workforce is a much happier and productive one. Therefore it is in the interest of both your team and your business that they do make time for their health.


The typical employee now takes 6.4 days off sick each year. Employee absence costs the UK economy up to £18 billion in productivity loss each year. This doesn’t account for the cost of presenteeism from the reduced capacity of employees struggling with stress and other mental health problems. Providing your employees with health care will positively impact them and your business in many ways. Employees will be made aware of any health issues so that they can take the necessary steps. Your team will feel supported and appreciated in the work place. Happy and healthy employees are capable of performing better in the work place. Providing health care, such as health screens is cheaper than dealing with absenteeism and paying sick leave

Skip the waits with same day private GP appointments available online or in clinic.


  • Encourage a smoke free workplace
  • Encourage healthier eating
    • Provide fruit and healthy snacks in the canteen etc.
    • Unhealthy snacking (especially on sugary foods) can lead to sugar crashes in the short term and obesity related health issues in the long term
  • Encourage breaks away from the desk
    • This can impact both physical and mental health
    • Prevents burn out
    • Prevents musculoskeletal injuries
  • Ensure workstations are ergonomically sound
  • Reduce alcohol intake
    • Rather than hosting an after work drinks event, perhaps book an activity such a bowling
    • This not only helps minimize alcohol intake but can increase team bonding and reduce feelings of isolation amongst your employees
  • Encourage seeking out professional help when needed
    • This applies to both mental and physical health
    • Make sure your team knows that you support them in speaking to a doctor or medical professional if they are worried about their health

Taking note of our colleagues and helping when we can, may also benefit their health and encourage them to consider the consequences of their behaviour on their health, be that making sure they have a good fluid intake on a busy day to offering emotional support when needed.

How the Doctors Clinic Group can help:

At The Doctors Clinic Group we offer a wide range of corporate health screens for your employees. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive full body MOT or want the option of a more focused health screen, we can help. Our corporate GP services and same-day appointments mean your employees can see a doctor at a time that suits them with little disruption to their workday. We offer a wide range of virtual services, so there are no excuses for avoiding the doctor anymore

Our newest service, is the Doctors Clinic Group App, which allows you and your team to book and manage appointments and services like never before. Your employees will be able to personalize their preferences such as home clinic and specific services, giving them a tailored experience. You can download it from the App Store or from Google Play .

All the great benefits of your current services are now in one place, and easy to access from your smart device. That’s wellness at your fingertips.

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