New Year, New Me

It's 2023 and it's time we put our best foot forward! Starting with corporate healthcare benefits for your team. Corporate health care is a great way for employees to be able to see a GP, or mental health physician or have access to Occupational Health when they need it, but especially to be able to access our LifeSpecific Screens.

These screens are an amazing way to figure out where health could be improved. This helps to see if there are any underlying health conditions. This way any health issues can be detected early and work can be done to resolve them. You can make 2023 the year of health! One of the easiest ways to watch out for your team’s health is with The Doctors Clinic Group.

Why have a LifeSpecific screen with us?

Not only can underlying illness be detected, but your health screen will be able to indicate what you need to improve on. Our range of specific corporate health checks allows you to focus on your health concerns, to diagnose or benchmark your health.

This can focus on specific areas such as LifeSpecific Heart Screen, Liver Screen, Bowel Screen, Diabetes Screen, Thyroid, or Prostate Screens. This can help source anything that may point to an underlying illness or help prevent a potential illness. Health screens are a great way to put in place any preventative measures you need to take.

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What can be expected in a LifeSpecific Screen?

All of the LifeSpecific screens will vary dependent on the type. Various tests can take place. But some examples of tests are below:

  • Blood test
  • ECG
  • Physical examination
  • Medical and family history
  • Lifestyle and diet reviews


Remember, this is not an exhaustive list of tests, if you’d like to find out more about our LifeSpecific tests click this link.

Before your LifeSpecific Screen, you will be asked to come in loose-fitting clothing and arrive 5-10 minutes before your screen starts. Try to bring a bag with you to put your keys, phone, and other items as these will need to be taken out of your pockets. Try to fast 90 minutes before your screen, otherwise, some results may be inaccurate.

What are the benefits of a LifeSpecific Screen?

For the employee:

  • Peace of mind about your health
  • Identify health risks early
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Being able to put your health first
  • Figuring out family history and genetic risk factors
  • Up-to-date research and patient empowerment

For the employer:

  • Creating a healthy and happy workforce
  • Your team knows you care about them
  • Reduce absenteeism due to health concerns
  • Improve your company’s workplace benefits
  • Create a positive culture towards health and wellbeing


LifeSpecific Screens are carried out on a case-by-case basis. This means factors specific to the individual are taken into account when deciding which tests are required. Not only is this more cost-effective and convenient, but it also ensures the diagnostics are well-targeted.

Endoscopy is an invasive test, involving the insertion of a camera into the colon. However, if other preliminary non-invasive tests are carried out beforehand, such as FOBT, they may rule out the need for more drastic measures.

That’s not to say endoscopies are unnecessary, they are, but only when recommended as part of a full clinical picture i.e. age, family history, symptoms, etc. The same applies to other tests, which can be harmful to health, such as the overuse of x-ray imaging. The benefits of screening must always outweigh the risks.

Age, gender, family history, and lifestyle, can all influence certain disease risk factors. Therefore, any assessment plan should be specifically tailored to the individual.

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Time for a health screen?

Book a health screen today to get a deeper understanding of your health!

How can the Doctors Clinic Group Help:

At The Doctors Clinic Group, we offer a wide range of LifeSpecific Screens. We understand that you may have a specific health concern that you want to investigate in further detail. It might be because of your family medical history, or because you just want peace of mind. You can rest assured that you will be equipped with the personalised knowledge to have your healthiest year yet.

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