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4 questions to ask yourself before your STD checks

Let’s face it, the prospect of carrying an STI or an STD, and experiencing STD checks is certainly a problem we can live without. Having said that, it happens and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. All you can do is take the best course of action for your situation. Back in November 2015, the […]

Top 10 health habits to nail before your thirties

Health habits that you *need* to know about We all know we should be drinking more water and eating more fruit and vegetables but as we get older it’s *even* more important (puts down doughnut)! We’re surrounded by health advice all the time, and here at London Doctors Clinic, we do all the demystifying and […]

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How to make exercise for children fun

Exercise for kids made easy Getting children to exercise outside of playschool, nursery or their weekly P.E lessons can be a challenge. However, exercise for kids can be fun and fuss-free. Being a certified physiotherapist for many years, having an exercise routine only comes naturally to me but having two young children, I know only […]

5 tips to fight fatigue at work

How to fight fatigue at work before coffee It’s Monday morning, you’ve had a couple of lie-ins at the weekend and in theory, you should be feeling refreshed right? But you don’t. In fact your mind’s a bit foggy and you’re feeling like you’re just constantly tired these days. Even after an early night you’re […]

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Simple desk exercises you can do in the office

Office desk exercises Do you spend most of your day at your desk in an office chair? Our list of desk exercises will get you up and moving in no time! Like most office workers you’re probably sitting for around 9 hours a day, however, sitting at your desk for prolonged periods can affect your […]

Sun safety tips for holiday

Whether you’re heading on a staycation in the UK, heading abroad or soaking up the rays in the garden or local park it’s important that we protect ourselves from the sun. Here are our sun safety tips for your summer holiday. Sun protection for children  If you’re going away with the children this summer, then […]

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10 foods that are good for your skin

You are what you eat! Having good nutrition and lifestyle is a key part of your health. If you have an unhealthy diet it can damage your metabolism but also affect the health and aging of your skin. Whilst having a good skin routine helps, it will only get you so far.  To have radiant, […]

5 tips to keep your kids healthy during the summer holidays

School’s out for summer! The 6-week long summer holidays are welcomed with excitement, and what’s not to love? However, the summertime shift in diet, physical activity, bedtime routine and screen time can all contribute to unhealthy habits. With that said, we’ve got 5 top tips on how to keep your kids healthy during the summer […]

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Everything you need to know about summer skin care

We often grumble about the weather in the UK, especially the lack of sunshine. When we do experience warmer days, we’re quick to dust off our shorts and wipe down the barbecue to take full advantage. As much as we need to soak in the rays for much needed vitamin D and mood enhancing benefits, […]

Summer allergies: pollen, pollution, asthma and trigger foods

Do I suffer from Seasonal Rhinitis? Pollen is the biggest culprit when it comes to summer allergies also known as seasonal rhinitis. If you have hay fever, it’s likely that you also suffer from seasonal rhinitis. Hay fever affects more than 20% of the UK population, the season can start as early as February and […]

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