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Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

We have all heard that vitamin D is good for our bones. However, few of us really understand how seriously a lack of vitamin D can impact our day to day wellbeing. In fact, one UK survey found that more than half of us are vitamin D deficient!

How Are Your Kidneys?

One of the most common blood tests ordered by doctors is the Urea and Electrolytes Test, to investigate kidney function. We all know the body's biological basics: the brain thinks; the heart pumps blood; the intestines digest food; but the kidneys...? Today's blog tackles the topic of these under-acknowledged organs, and the U&E test to measure its function.

The Terrible Tonsils

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing tonsillitis, you will know the inconvenience it causes. From the first tingling of the tonsils, you’ll instantly recognise the inevitable few days’ discomfort to come. So what are the tonsils, and why do they so often become infected?!

Vitamin B

There are dozens of vitamins that are essential to our body’s healthy functioning. One important Vitamin group, although less well known, are B Vitamins: 9 &12. So why are they so important, and what happens when we don't get enough?

Achoo! Coughs & colds

Every single one of us will have experienced a cough, cold or flu at some point in our lives, with the majority of us experiencing such illnesses at least once a year. With such a common mild illness, it’s not always necessary to see a doctor. In this blog post, we’ve outlined when it’s recommended to seek medical advice when suffering cough or cold symptoms!

Be Thankful For The Thyroid!

Do you know where the thyroid is? Or what it does? Don't worry - most people don't! It's actually a very important organ - read today's blog post to find out why...

ABO Testing - What's Your Type?

It’s one of the most essential parts of the human body, often described as "the life that flows through our veins". But how much do you know about your blood?

Cholesterol: Friend or Foe?

Good, bad, high, low, total, score, ratio - the world of cholesterol is a complicated one. However, since cholesterol plays such a key role in cardiovascular health, isn't it time we brushed up on our cholesterol awareness?

Alcohol Awareness & Liver Function Tests

Are you aware of how much you drink? Do you know the government recommendations for alcohol consumption, or the definition of binge drinking? How can you investigate the long-term effects of your drinking?

Wellness Screening

How are you? No really, how well are you? Even if you’re feeling great, you can't always be so sure that you’re doing so well on the inside too. Only a thorough wellness screen will truly be able to confirm your state of health.

Tennis Elbow Troubles

As we welcome back the Tennis season, starting with London’s famous Wimbledon tournament, we at LDC thought it only fitting to address some of the relevant sports injuries associated with the sport. Starting with the classic: Tennis Elbow

All About Earwax

Earwax is essential in the removal of dust and dead cells from ear canals, however can become a nuisance if wax levels build up and cause blockages


Don't let gout leave you gloomy. Read today's blog post to find out how you can avoid a gout-attack!

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Motor Neurone Disease

As part of Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month: Symptoms, Causes, Prevalence, Treatment, & Notable MND Sufferers.

Sleep Hygiene: Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation

Like many things in life, sleep is something you just don’t value until it’s gone. A good night’s sleep can be very easily taken for granted, however after a few days, or even weeks, of lack of sleep, we suddenly realise how integral sleep is to our wellbeing.

Diabetes Crisis

As part of National Diabetes Week, we've put together this fact-sheet on everything you need to know about diabetes!

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