Private Dermatologist Referral


Private Dermatologist

Come and see us for any skin-related concerns. Book a 15-minute appointment at £59 with one of GPs, we can assess your concerns and see whether you need to see a private dermatologist.

During your appointment our GP will decide whether your skin problem needs to be seen by a private dermatologist (skin specialist) via our teledermatology service.



This is a GP-led procedure and we can carry this out in all our clinics.

Our teledermatology service means you can get your skin condition investigated via images using a high-quality medical photography tool. It’s ideal for common skin conditions or any skin abnormalities that you may have recently noticed but not quite sure what it is.

Common skin conditions include:

  • Eczema – a common skin condition that makes your skin dry, red and very itchy
  • Hives (urticaria) – an itchy rash that looks like some areas of your skin is raised and be because of an allergic rash
  • Psoriasis – patches of red, flaky or scaly skin that’s itchy and sore
  • Acne or cystic acne – spots, pimples and cysts on the skin. Commonly on the face or back
  • Rosacea – redness of skin commonly on the face
  • Moles – raised or flat flesh-coloured or black spots that usually sit on the top layer of the skin

In your appointment you can speak to our GP about the problems you’re experiencing and your skin-related concerns. The GP will take a picture of each affected area and send to a private dermatologist to investigate.

The price of the service costs £55 per image in addition to the consultation fee.

Once your images have been investigated, you’ll receive a report via our patient portal within 48 hours. We’ll let you know if you require a follow-up appointment for further investigation is needed. Our follow-up appointments with a GP cost £59.

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Face-to-face consultation with a private dermatologist 

Our face-to-face private dermatology appointments are available every Wednesday at our Oxford Street clinic from 5pm-8pm.   

If you’ve been referred to see a dermatologist, the initial appointment is 30 minutes for £275. As well information, advice and investigations, our private dermatologist can carry out a range of procedures.   

A procedure can be carried on the same day or our clinic managers at the clinic reception can book you in at a later date – a second consultation fee will not be applied if you’re coming back for a dermatology procedure only.   


Consultation with a private dermatologist, plus mole check 

30-minute appointment – £275 

Skin Biopsy  

30-minute appointment £200 + consultation fee   

A skin biopsy is where a small sample of skin is removed after the skin has been numbed to help diagnose certain skin conditions. It can also be used to treat and remove moles.  

Excision of Benign Skin Lesion  

1hr 30-minute appointment – £360 + consultation fee 

Additional skin lesion removal Any additional areas that need to be removed can be done at the same time.  


If a mole or a skin lesion looks like there is nothing to worry about, it may still need to be removed. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the skin and the area of interest is cut out. Stitches may be used to close the wound.  

Excision of Cancerous Skin Lesion  

1hr 30 mins – £485  

If something on your skin looks worrying, it will most definitely need to come out. The skin is usually numbed with local anaesthetic and the lesion is cut out. Sometimes a wide margin around the wound needs to be cut out to ensure all the cancer is removed. Stitches are usually used to close the wound.  

Additional skin lesion removal  


Stitches removal 

15-minute appointment – £59 

After removal of any lesions, the dermatologist may use stitches to close the wound. After the recommended time, you can book with one of our GPs to have the stitches removed.    



This is where a specialist looks at the sample taken either in a biopsy or the lesion itself under a microscope to determine or confirm if there is anything to worry about such as cancer. This investigation is mandatory and charged on top of the consultation fee and procedure fee.   

What happens after my appointment?  

Your results for procedures and biopsies will be shared with you on the patient portal. We’ll advise you if you need a follow-up appointment with the dermatologist, which costs £200. 

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