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All You Need To Know, About That Monthly Visit From Aunt Flo

Most people are very familiar with the monthly phenomenon that is a woman's periods. And every woman's experience of this is different: from heavy to light; irregular or like clockwork; painless to pain-free. But what makes a period 'normal', and what are the signs that something 'not quite right' down there?

Vaginal Discharge: What's Normal & What's Not?

The ultimate question women regularly ask: is vaginal discharge normal? The short answer is yes! But sometimes, unusual vaginal discharge can be a sign of something wrong 'down there'. To know what's abnormal, you must first recognise what's normal! So, we give you the low-down on all there is to know about vaginal discharge.

What Every Woman Should Know About Uterine Fibroids

The female reproductive system can do wonderful things, but can also be the source of gynaecological problems for many women. It's thought that up to 80% of women will develop fibroids by the time they turn 50, although most women won't develop any symptoms. For information on when to worry and symptoms to look out for, read today's blog on Fibroids.

Ovarian Cancer

As part of LDC's Women's Health Awareness Week, we'll be covering many different aspects of the topic: from everyday, harmless conditions such as vaginal thrush, to more serious conditions such as gynaecological cancers. Today we focus on Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian Cysts: Do I Need To Worry?

Another very common gynaecological condition experienced by millions of women world wide is Ovarian Cysts. Although these cysts usually go unnoticed, they can sometimes result in certain gynaecological symptoms, as we discuss in today's blog article.

Premature Ejaculation

This is one of the conditions patients are most embarrassed to discuss with their GP, but it's thought up to 30% of men may have experienced this condition at some point in their life. Do you actually know the threshold below which ejaculation is considered truly 'premature'?

Osteoporosis: Who, What, When, Where, Why?

A hot topic in the news this week, after the unveiling of new research regarding Osteoporosis drugs by a research team based in London. We run you through the basics of the condition, who is at risk, as well as management of Osteoporosis.

There's No Worm in Ringworm!

Despite the name, the condition Ringworm has nothing to do with worms! It's a common fungal infection, and is named after the distinctive ring-like shape.

Skin Hypopigmentation: Vitiligo

Characterised by the development of pale, white patches on the skin, Vitiligo is a autoimmune condition affecting approximately 1% of people across the world, including pop legend Michael Jackson, as well as Canadian model Winnie Harlow. But how much do you know about this condition?

Scabies: The Seven Year Itch

Scabies is a contagious skin infection, caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite. Historically, it has been known as the seven year itch due to its resistance to treatment and difficulty to eradicate. Read on for the most common sign of Scabies...

Skin Tags

Our most common questions regarding skin tags are, 'what are they?' and 'how can I remove them?!'. We tackle these two main queries, as well as many more, in today's blog post!

LDC's Dr Seth Rankin Speaks To Cosmo: 8 Reasons You Need To Pee!

LDC's founder and CEO, as well as highly experienced GP, Dr Seth Rankin speaks to Cosmo Online about a crucial topic: why do we need to pee?! He also suggests the top 8 reasons why people might find themselves needing to pee more often that usual. Go on, keep reading - you know you're interested!

Love Your Skin Week: Dermatology Q&A

As part of Love Your Skin week, our in-house Dermatology specialist, Dr Heschil Lewin, has answered some of your most pressing skin-related questions! Take it away, Dr Lewin...

Dry, Itchy Skin: Is It Eczema?

There are many different causes for itchy skin, one of which being eczema. We've all heard of this skin condition, but what exactly causes it? And is it contagious? Read on for the answers to these questions and more, in today's blog piece on Eczema.

Itchy Skin

As part of LDC's 'Love Your Skin Week', we're focusing on a common patient complaint: itchy skin. There are a whole wealth of reasons for itchy skin - how many can you guess? Read on for the answer!

LDC's Love Your Skin Week!

It's been a long Winter, but it finally looks like Spring is on its way. And if there's one part of the body that gets far more attention in warmer weather - it's our skin! So, as the temperature creeps back up, and those sleeves are getting shorter, we're promoting the awareness of healthy skin!

HIV & AIDS: Debunking The Myths

Where STI's are concerned, HIV is often described as 'the big one', with the scariest reputation. But it doesn't have to be this way - with better awareness, understanding, and treatment than ever before, HIV no longer carries the stigma it used to. Brush up on your understanding of HIV and AIDS, by reading today's blog piece covering the topic.

Human Papillomavirus & Genital Warts

Did you know the virus responsible for genital warts is the Human Papillomavirus (HPV)? And that symptoms may take weeks, months, or even YEARS to develop after initial exposure to infection? Read on for more information on the second most common STI in the UK.

The STI That's On The Rise: Gonorrhoea

Historically known as 'The Clap' – after the old French word 'Clapier' meaning brothel – Gonorrhoea is one of the oldest sexually transmitted infections discovered. Do you know the symptoms to look out for? Or how it's treated?

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