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Moving to Taiwan? Have you organised your Health Certificate Medical Exam yet?

Before applying for certain Taiwanese Visas, such as a Residency Visa, applicants must obtain a fully-completed Medical Certificate, including various lab tests.

The items required for this Health Certificate include:

  • Syphilis test:
    • VDRL blood test
  • Evidence of Measels, Mumps and Rubella vaccination:
    • MMR Antibodies blood test
  • Stool Test:
    • Only for applicants from specific countries
  • Chest X-Ray*

Our experienced GP’s are able to perform these parts of the Medical Exam and take samples for MMR & VDRL tests during a 15-minute consultation, costing just £250. We will then provide a referral to a partner clinic for the Chest X-Ray with costs beginning at £65 depending on the provider, payable to the imaging clinic directly.

The results of all tests, including blood tests and X-Rays, take a maximum of 3 days. After receipt of which, the examining GP can complete the Health Certificate and physical examination in a second 15-minute appointment.

Simply book online for a 15-minute consultation at any of our 10 convenient central London clinics, making sure to mention the Taiwan Medical Exam in the Notes section, and bring this examination form along to the appointment.

Alternatively, for more information please give us a call or send us an email.

A Taiwan Immigration Medical, including all blood tests, costs just £250.

Book your Taiwan Health Certificate Medical Exam today for a convenient and efficient service.

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