Private Imaging

Private Imaging Services & Medical Investigations

If you need a private X-ray, ultrasound, CT or MRI scan, our private doctors can provide a referral to our partner imaging centre for more complex medical investigations. We can provide referrals to our partners Alliance Medical, European Scanning Centre and Vista Diagnostic, who can assist with a wide range of investigations. These include: 

Our partner imaging providers have over 40 locations across the UK that are still open for patients to access.   

Service Cost
One Part Ultrasound £260
Two Part Ultrasound £400
One Breast Ultrasound £250
Two Breasts Ultrasound £350
One Part MRI £410
Chest X-Ray £90
One Joint X-Ray £110
Two Joint X-Ray £180
Spine X-Ray £180
CT Scan (One Area) £550
CT contrast (in addition to CT price) £125
LDC Mammogram – Unilateral (One Breast) £190
LDC Mammogram – Bilateral (Two Breasts) £240
3D Mammogram – Unilateral (One Breast) £255
3D Mammogram – Bilateral (Two Breasts) £275



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