Private Imaging

Private Imaging Services & Medical Investigations

If you need a private X-ray, ultrasound, CT or Private MRI scan, our private doctors can provide a referral to our partner imaging centre for more complex medical investigations. We can provide referrals to our partners Alliance Medical, European Scanning Centre and Vista Diagnostic, who can assist with a wide range of investigations. These include: 

Our partner imaging providers have over 80 locations across the UK that are open for patients to access.   

Service Cost
One Part Ultrasound From £260
Two Part Ultrasound From £400
One Breast Ultrasound From £250
Two Breasts Ultrasound From £350
One Part Private MRI Scan From £410
Chest X-Ray From £90
One Joint X-Ray From £110
Two Joint X-Ray From £180
Spine X-Ray From £180
CT Scan (One Area) From £550
CT contrast (in addition to CT price) From £125
LDC Mammogram – Unilateral (One Breast) From £190
LDC Mammogram – Bilateral (Two Breasts) From £240
3D Mammogram – Unilateral (One Breast) From £255
3D Mammogram – Bilateral (Two Breasts) From £275

All referrals for imaging or scans require a GP appointment first which is in line with The Royal College of Radiology Guidelines. This means you will need to pay for both a GP appointment and then any further imaging or diagnostics


Private MRI Scan

We offer same day private MRI scan referrals. For more information please visit our private MRI scan page. Our imaging partner has locations across the UK for ease of access.


Clinic Locations: Bank, Canary Wharf, Chislehurst, Chiswick, Esher, Fulham, Guildford, Hampstead, Islington, Kensington, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Oxford Street, St Albans, Twickenham, Victoria and Wandsworth or you can book an Online Doctor

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