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Immigration & Visa Medicals

Immigration Medicals & Visa Examinations

We regularly perform Medical Examinations for our clients’ Visa Applications, for a variety of different countries, including:

We usually allow for 30 minutes for each medical examination, however some medical forms can be more complex than others. If your specific immigration/ visa medical isn’t listed on our website, we recommend you give us a call or send us an email for a time estimation and cost quote – to include all necessary blood tests etc. 

Please be aware that many of our visa Medicals include a Chest X-ray in order to meet the Visa requirements.

Our packaged Visa Medicals may include a Chest X-ray which can ONLY be undertaken by our imaging Partners at European Scanning Centre, based in Marylebone. 

Our X-Rays cannot be substituted with any other imaging provider or removed from the package price. 

Please note that Visa Medicals are NOT the same as Work/Employment Medicals, which may also be required for employment in certain countries.

If the requirements of your medical do not match our website EXACTLY, please contact us with a copy of your medical form so we may advise if we can assist and provide you with a bespoke quote.

Some medical services, including visa medicals, which are not directly related to maintaining or improving an  individual’s health are subject to VAT and this will be charged to you by London Doctors Clinic. 

Please note that while we can do visa medicals for most countries, we cannot do them for countries requiring panel doctors including: The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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