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Private Cardiologist

Private cardiologist referral

If you feel the need to see a private cardiologist, book a 15-minute appointment and we’ll refer you to see a specialist at One Heart Clinic for a face-to-face consultation at £250.

When might I need to see a cardiologist?

If you’re concerned with anything to do with heart disease or common heart related problems such as heart palpitations, dizziness, breathlessness, or blackouts, we can help. Our team of specialists will be able to conduct tests, evaluate and provide treatment.

What tests are available and how much do they cost?

ECG – starting from £150

An ECG test or electrocardiogram is a tool that monitors the heart’s rhythm and electrical activity. It’s mainly used to investigate conditions such as arrhythmia and coronary heart disease. 

We offer a 30-minute GP-led ECG at all our clinics from £150. Should you need a report, this will require an additional £20.

Exercise tolerance test – £325

Also known as a stress test or exercise ECG, this test helps to diagnose coronary heart disease.  A small device is attached to your body and you’ll be asked to exercise on a treadmill or bike. The test will measure whether your heart muscle is getting enough blood from your coronary arteries.  

Echocardiogram – £450

Also known as an ‘echo’, an echocardiogram is a type of ultrasound scan for the heart. An echo provides information on the structure and function of the heart and is very helpful in the diagnosis of heart conditions. 

Holter monitors – starting from £300

This test records your heartbeat for 24, 48 or  72 hours with a device that is attached to your body. It’s is used to aid diagnosis and is mainly used if an ECG hasn’t picked up any irregularities and you’re still experiencing problems.

Single channel ECG patch – £800

A single channel ECG patch is a small device that performs an ECG from a single lead as opposed to 12 leads. The device is worn from 7-14 days depending on your symptoms or condition. This test is used to help monitor and detect irregular heart rhythms. 

24-hour blood pressure monitoring – £300

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring or ABPM is when your blood pressure can be measured and recorded for 24-hours. Similar to Holter monitors you wear a device and go about your day as normal.


How will I receive my results?

Once your procedure is complete you will receive your report by email or phone within 2 days. Should you need a follow-up appointment at £10, we can also arrange this for you.


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