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What is an X-ray?

An X-ray is a painless procedure use to produce images of inside the body. It’s a fast and effective way to look at the bones and can be used to detect a range of different conditions. Private X-rays are carried out by trained professionals, usually radiographers but can sometimes be other healthcare professionals such as dentists.

If you need a private X-ray, we can refer you to our imaging partners European Scanning Centre and Vista Health.

Our partner imaging providers have over 40 locations across the UK. The dedicated admin team can assist with identifying and booking you into the closest to your home address.

To book your private X-ray and get a private referral, you will need to have a 15-minute clinic or video appointment with one of our doctors. 


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We can do all types of private X-rays and provide rapid turnaround times. Some of the most popular are below:


X-ray Area


Private Chest X-ray


Abdomen X-ray


1-Joint (hand/wrist/foot/knee/ankle/digit) X-ray


2-joints X-ray


Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar Spine X-ray


Pelvis & Both Hips X-ray


Pelvis X-ray


What do I need a private X-ray for?

X-rays are mainly used to look at bones and joints, however, they can also be used to investigate problems affecting soft tissues (internal organs).

Common problems that can be detected by an X-ray include:

  • Bone fractures and breaks
  • Scoliosis
  • Non-cancerous and cancerous bone tumours
  • Lung problems such as lung cancer or pneumonia
  • Swallowing problems (dysphagia)
  • Heart problems (heart failure)
  • Breast cancer

How do I get a private X-ray referral?

You will need to have a 15-minute clinic or video appointment with one of our GPs, who will be able to provide you with the referral to one of our partners or an imaging facility of your choice.

Most patients have their private X-ray appointments within 24 hours of receiving their referral.


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How should I prepare for a private X-ray?

You don’t normally need to prepare for an X-ray, but it does depend on the type of X-ray you are having. You can usually eat or drink as normal before a standard X-ray.

You will be asked to remove any jewellery and clothing containing metal before having the X-ray.

If you’re having a contrast X-ray, then you may be asked to avoid eating or drinking a few hours before the X-ray and to stop taking certain medications. This is because a contrast agent will be used to identify soft tissue more clearly on the X-ray.

What should I expect when I have the X-ray?

Depending on the scan you’re having, you will usually be asked to lie down or stand against a flat surface, so your body is positioned in the correct way.

The X-ray is then aimed at the body and the healthcare professional will leave to operate the machine from the next room, or behind a screen.

The X-ray itself will last for a millisecond and you won’t feel anything. Usually, more than one X-ray is taken from different angles to provide as much information as possible.

What happens after the X-ray?

You won’t experience any side effects from a standard X-ray, and you can continue your day as normal.

Your imaging results will be sent to the referring GP within 24 hours after your scan. Our GP will share the imaging report with explanatory comments with you via our secure patient portal.

If you had a contrast X-ray you may experience some temporary side effects. They can affect your bowel movements and temporarily cause blurred vision. If you need a private chest X ray, book today.

Is it safe to have a private X-ray near me?

Some patients may be concerned about the exposure to radiation from having an X-ray. However, only part of your body will be exposed to low-level radiation for a millisecond. In most cases, the amount of radiation you experience is equivalent to a few days of natural radiation from the environment and therefore is very low risk.

An X-ray is only recommended after the benefits versus risk is assessed. Your doctor or radiographer can talk to you about any potential risks beforehand should you have any concerns.


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