Blood and urine test – Turnaround Times

Here is all the information you need to understand when you will receive your results for any blood or urine tests you have had during your appointment.

Please note: This information is regarding blood, urine and swab tests only, any other tests or scans you have during your appointment will have different turnaround times that the GP will discuss with you in your appointment.

How will I get my results?

You will receive an email from us with a link which will encourage you to log into your account and view all your results. You can also view your results using the app by clicking the “My results” tab on the app homepage. The tab will appear once your results have been shared by the GP. Your results will not be shown in the email or directly in the app you will need to log into your secure account using your date of birth.

When will I receive my blood test results?

We will do our best to get your results to you as soon as possible. Timings may vary depending on the test undertaken and time of your appointment and your clinician will speak to you about estimated times of receipt in your appointment. All our results timings are in working hours/days.

Can I get fast-tracked results?

You can opt to receive your results quicker with some of our sexual health tests which does incur a higher cost. The GP will discuss with you whether this will be possible depending on the time of your appointment before the test takes place.

Are test turnaround times the same at all clinics?

Turnaround times may vary depending on the clinic you are attending. To ensure excellent service, we use more than one Laboratory Partner, which means that occasionally, test turnaround times may vary. Turnaround times at our CHISWICK and FULHAM locations may differ slightly from the rest of our clinic network. Please discuss the turnaround time of your chosen tests with your GP.

How do I know what time I will receive my results?

The timings of your results are dependent on the type of test undertaken and on the time of day you have your appointment. We have courier collections 2 or 3 times throughout the day. All results will be sent to your GP first to review and then shared with you as soon as possible.

Results timelines are dependent on the time that your sample arrives at the lab. Your GP will do their best to estimate the time of your results before the test takes place however this is subject to change and no time is guaranteed.

What if I have a weekend appointment?

Turnaround times for blood tests during the weekend are dependent on whether the relevant department which processes a particular test is open during the weekend. The Doctor will advise of when to expect results.

If you have a blood test during the weekend, then you may not receive your results until Monday morning at the earliest, this is due to working days being required.

What do I do if I do not get my results?

Please make sure to check your emails including your junk in case you have missed the email with a link to access your results. You can also log into your app and access your results that way. Try logging out and back in again if you are having any difficulty.

If you have any problems logging into the portal it may be because we have an incorrect DOB for you that wasn’t updated during your appointment. Please call us if you cannot log in using your correct date of birth.

If you are certain, you have not received your results by 10am the day after your appointment then please contact us so we can investigate this for you. Our admin team and call handlers cannot share any results with you unless they have been reviewed by a Doctor.