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Rome Marathon Medical

Rome Marathon Medical Certificate

Planning on running the Rome Marathon? Don’t get stuck at the start line, for forgetting that Medical Certificate!

All Maratona di Roma competitors MUST obtain an official Runcard prior to the race, which should be presented to officials on race day prior to commencing the 26.2 mile trek. To apply for this Runcard, competitors must have completed a thorough Medical Examination, to obtain a Certificate stating that the competitor is healthy and fit for competitive athletics. This must be dated, stamped and signed by the examining doctor.

Unfortunately, due to recent changes in Italian Athletics Federation rules, the Medical Examination required for competitors is significantly more extensive than for previous years. Having liaised directly with Rome Marathon race organisers the Medical Certificate requires:

  • Full Medical Exam
  • Complete Urine Test
  • ECG at Rest
  • Post-Exercise ECG (We will refer to a third-party provider which will incur a separate cost)
  • Spirometry

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We’re able to do everything BUT the Post-Exercise ECG within a 30-minute appointment costing just £140. We will then need to refer you to a partner clinic for that particular ECG, as a more thorough Treadmill Exercise Tolerance Test is required, which will likely cost £215. As your Private GP London Doctors Clinic has you covered!

So, simply book in online for a 30-minute appointment making sure to mention the Rome Marathon Medical Exam in the Notes section, and bring this form along with you to the appointment. Alternatively, give us a call drop us an email for more information!

One less excuse not to pass that finish line – buona fortuna!

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