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Sporting Medical Certificates

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We very often provide Sports Medicals for a wide variety of sporting events, such as (but not limited to!):

So, if you require a Medical Certificate for an upcoming sporting event you're participating in, we would be happy to help!

For sporting events specifically listed on our website, please book in online for appointment length recommended on our website. Please do make sure to mention in the Notes section the specific medical certificate you require.

While all marathon medicals do require a 30 minute appointment and an ECG, for many sporting events not listed on our website, if the Medical Examination Form is fairly simple, a 15-minute consultation should suffice, costing just £55. 

However for more complex Medical Examination Forms such as those requiring a variety of blood tests, an Electrocardiogram (ECG) or Spirometry tests, a 30-minute consultation is required, costing just £100 plus the cost of the addition service.

Please note that all Marathon medical certificates require an ECG in accordance with suggested BJSM guidelines, for a total price of £120 in a 30 minute appointment.

If you're at all unsure how long your specific Medical Exam would take, please give us a call or email, for a time estimate and price quote from one of our team.

All Medical Certificates can usually be filled out during the consultation with our private doctors, or will be completed after receipt of all results, at no extra cost.

Please note, consultation fees don't include the costs of any extra blood tests, or examinations, such as those listed below. Any follow-up of the results however is included at no extra cost.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) £35
Spirometry £20
Chest X-Ray From £40

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