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Podiatrist for common foot problems

What is the difference between a podiatrist and a chiropodist?

A podiatrist and chiropodist are the same and cover the same treatments for foot problems – although the term podiatrist is more commonly used.

A podiatrist is an expert in the medical specialism and can help with common foot problems such as:

• Corns and callouses
• Ingrown/ difficult toenails
• Verrucas
• Fungal foot infections
• Infected toenails
• Diabetic foot/ ulcers
Heel pain and foot pain


What happens in the consultation?

In the consultation our fully experienced GP will ask you about the problems you’re experiencing. They’ll be able to investigate, suggest treatment and if needed, refer you to a Podiatrist. Please book a GP appointment at any of our clinics nationwide. 


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