Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a viral infection. It spreads rapidly, causing fever, body aches, jaundice and stomach issues. There is no cure for hepatitis A, but it can be cleared by the body in about 2 months. It usually affects the liver but does not cause lasting damage. In rare cases, it can cause liver failure and death, but this is more common in individuals over 50 years of age or those with other conditions that affect the liver.

Vaccination against Hepatitis A is recommended if you are travelling to countries where there are poor levels of sanitation and hygiene, and Hepatitis A is common, this includes parts of Africa, Asia, and South America. When travelling, exposure generally comes from consuming contaminated food or water, or through contamination directly from someone with poor personal hygiene.

Other people who may be advised to have the Hepatitis A vaccine include anyone who has had close contact with someone with Hepatitis A, people with long term liver disease or people who may be exposed to Hepatitis A through their job, for example, sewage workers. Men who have sex with men and intravenous drug users are also at higher risk of contracting Hepatitis A.

A single injection followed by a booster can protect you for at least 20 years. Ideally, travellers need to be vaccinated at least two weeks before travel. The initial injection will offer short-term protection for a single trip, while a booster will provide long-term cover and should be taken within 6-12 months after the first vaccine.

To book your Hepatitis A vaccine, simply use the dropdown below to select a location and choose your appointment time. Please note we are not offering vaccinations at any other clinics.

Please note we only offer vaccinations to adults 18 and over. 



Who can get the Hepatitis A vaccine?

Adults above the age of 18 can get their Hepatitis A vaccine at our clinics.

Who should not get the Hepatitis A vaccine?

  • Current acute fever 
  • Previous confirmed Hepatitis infection  
  • Confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of vaccine 
  • Confirmed anaphylactic reaction to any components of the vaccine or syringe (latex)  
  • Confirmed anaphylactic reaction to eggs, chicken protein or formaldehyde 

Can someone get the Hepatitis A vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding?


How many doses do you need?   

You need one dose of the Hepatitis A vaccine.   

Are there any common side effects when getting the Hepatitis A vaccine?

Just like any vaccine, the Hepatitis A vaccine can cause some side effects. Common ones include nausea, feeling feverish, headache or feeling unwell.

What does the Hepatitis A vaccine cost?  

£80 per dose. 



Medically reviewed by: Dr Preethi Daniel, GP and Clinical Director at London Doctors Clinic

Reviewed: August 2021

Next review date: August 2022