Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a viral infection that affects the liver. Unlike Hepatitis A, it is not transmitted by ingesting contaminated food or water. It is transmitted via contact with bodily fluids such as blood or semen. Hepatitis B does not always give symptoms. These can vary from fever, muscle aches, nausea to jaundice. Sometimes hepatitis B infection is cleared by the body by 3 months. If it lasts more than 6 months, it is classified as chronic Hepatitis B.

Vaccination against Hepatitis B is recommended if you are travelling to parts of the world where Hepatitis B is common, especially if you’ll be doing activities that increase your risk of developing the infection. This includes needle sharing, blood transfusions and injections, as well as tattooing and body piercing. If you are travelling for long periods of time, or if you are likely to need medical care while abroad you are also at increased risk. All healthcare professionals must be vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

Areas, where there is a higher risk of exposure to hepatitis B, include Eastern Europe, India, China, South and Central America, parts of Africa, and Southeast Asia.

The Hepatitis B vaccination generally involves a course of 3 injections and can be administered at any age from birth. The course of these injections can be spread over a period between 6 months to 3 weeks. Ideally, the first dose should be at least 1 month before travel to allow sufficient time to complete the course and be fully vaccinated.

To book your Hepatitis B vaccine, simply use the dropdown below to select a location and choose your appointment time. Please note we are not offering vaccinations at any other clinics.

Please note we only offer vaccinations to adults 18 and over. 



Who can get the Hepatitis B vaccine?

Adults above the age of 18 can get their Hepatitis B vaccine at our clinics.

How many doses do you need?

You need three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine. Please note, you should book each dose separately. 

What is the interval between doses?

In the accelerated course, the second dose should be after one month, and the third dose after two months. You can also opt for a very accelerated course, where you have the second dose after 7 days and the third dose after 21 days with a booster 1 year later. Please note, you should book each dose separately. 

Who should not get the Hepatitis B vaccine?

If you have had a confirmed anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of the vaccine or are currently unwell with a fever.

Can someone get the Hepatitis B vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding?


Are there any common side effects when getting the Hepatitis B vaccine?

Redness, bruising, lump at the site of injection. Mild cold symptoms. Headache, dizziness, fatigue.

What does the Hepatitis B vaccine cost?

£60 per dose.


Medically reviewed by: Dr Preethi Daniel, GP and Clinical Director at London Doctors Clinic

Reviewed: August 2021

Next review date: August 2022