Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination 

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the name given to a group of very common viruses. There are many types of HPV (more than 100). Most of which are harmless and dealt with effectively by the body’s immune system. Some high-risk types of HPV can persist in the body and are linked to the development of cancers not only well-known cervical cancer but also penile, anal, neck and throat. Other 2 common types of HPV cause over 90% of genital wart cases.

The virus enters the body through tiny breaks in the skin and in most cases cause no symptoms. You can be infected with HPV through any sexual intercourse or any skin to skin contact of the genital area and by using sex toys.

Testing for HPV is different for women and men. Women get regular smear tests which are testing for high-risk HPV and if needed for changes in the cervical cells. It’s known that 99% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV. The most common are types 16 and 18, which cause over 70% of cervical cancer. Even if you have had an HPV vaccine, you still need to get regular cervical cancer screening, however, you do not need to have a cervical screening test before getting a vaccine. There is no currently approved HPV testing in men.

A full course of HPV vaccinations includes 2 or 3 injections depending on the recipient’s age. Individuals aged between 18 and 45 require three doses. The second dose 2 months after the initial injection and then a final injection 4 months after the second.

To book your HPV vaccine, simply use the dropdown below to select a location and choose your appointment time. Please note we are not offering vaccinations at any other clinics.



Who can get the HPV vaccine?

At the moment, NHS offers HPV vaccination routinely for boys and girls aged 12 to 13 years. However, you can get it with NHS up till 25 years old. If you missed the dose or are not able to contact your NHS GP, you can get this vaccine privately at London Doctors Clinic.

How many doses do you need?

You need three doses of the HPV vaccine. Please note, you should book each dose separately. 

What is the interval between doses?

The second dose should be after two months, and the third dose after six months.

Who should not get the HPV vaccine?

  • You should also not have the HPV vaccine if you have allergic reactions to vaccines
  • You should not get the HPV vaccine if you are under 14 or over 45 years
  • Please note we only offer vaccinations to adults 18 and over. 

Can someone get the HPV vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding?

It is not recommended in pregnancy but can be given in breastfeeding.

Are there any common side effects when getting the HPV vaccine?

Nausea, headache, fever. Mild pain in joints, muscle pains Redness, bruising or infection at the site of injection.

What does the HPV vaccine cost?

£180 per dose.


Medically reviewed by: Dr Preethi Daniel, GP and Clinical Director at London Doctors Clinic

Reviewed: August 2021

Next review date: August 2022