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Its almost Christmas, and for many of us, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of the most famous bearded men on the planet, Father Christmas. Many people on the street, this December, may be sporting magnificent beards comparable to that of Father Christmas, but they may not being doing it for the looks!

Decembeard aims to raise awareness of bowel cancer and raise funds to support the families and victims of Bowel Cancer.

  • In 2013, over 41,075 people were diagnosed with Bowel Cancer
  • It is the 2nd biggest cancer killer and takes a life around every 30 minutes

Bowel cancer is treatable and beatable if it is diagnosed early. At London Doctors Clinic, we would like to do our part to help out the victims of bowel cancer and the medical community by supporting Decembeard in the ways we can.

We offer services that could diagnose an early onset of bowel cancer, so if you have some of the following symptoms and are over 50 it might be worth checking.

  • Blood in Stools that occur due to no reason or change in bowel habit
  • Bloating or discomfort in the lower abdomen
  • Going more often and having looser stools

If these symptoms do not pass then it may be right to book an appointment. If you are worried about bowel cancer, then this Bowel cancer checker may help.