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Raynaud’s Awareness Month – February

Raynaud’s is a phenomenon where the small blood vessels in the extremities, such as the ears, nose and nipples, are oversensitive to slight changes in temperature. This may cause a Raynaud’s attack, which is commonly seen on the fingers, and may cause the extremities to change colour from red to blue to white.

Raynaud’s can present itself in two distinct ways:

  • Primary Raynaud’s: Individuals with Primary Raynaud’s have no other issues and often don’t develop into a more serious related issue. Primary Raynaud’s is therefore considered the more mild of the two Raynaud’s.
  • Secondary Raynaud’s: Individuals with Secondary Raynaud’s, do so due to another condition. This type of Raynaud’s is usually caused by an autoimmune disease like that of Lupus, and so considered the more serious of the two. 

Raynaud’s is easy to diagnose and a blood test can often tell whether it is a Primary or Secondary Raynaud’s. So if you are worried that you may have Raynuad’s, do see your GP.

This February, as the statistically coldest month in the year, London Doctors Clinic is asking that you support Raynaud’s Awareness Month and “love your gloves!”. So this February do something that involves your gloves.