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While some people think the easiest way of seeing a doctor today is a walk in clinic, at London Doctors Clinic we’ve eliminated the inevitable queue so you can see a same day GP today. Standard walk in centres can create more frustration, and we have found the way around that: our online booking system. Guarantee your appointment, unlike a traditional walk in centre, you can but give us a ring or booking directly online. Though we will certainly try to fit walk in appointments guarantee an appointment, you can book an appointment right up to the last minute so you never have to sit in a waiting room again!

Our London GP clinic chain provides all of the GP services that a general practitioner can. All of our experienced Doctors are fully registered, experienced, and also work for the NHS. And while they are all GPs, many have specialties including dermatology, sexual health, and sporting injuries. We can also provide private specialist referrals to those who need further treatment.

Most appointments are 15 minutes and £65, the most affordable private walk in centre London has to offer! And with walk in clinic locations near Blackfriars, Canary Wharf, Holborn, Kings Cross, Liverpool Street, London Bridge, Oxford Street, Paddington, Victoria and Waterloo, seeing a doctor is finally convenient.

If you’re looking for a private GP, give us a ring and we will be happy to find you the soonest and closest appointment. Book an appointment at London Doctors Clinic and guarantee and get on with feeling better!


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Will I be able to get a walk in appointment?

We will try our best to accommodate any walk in appointments at any of our walk-in centres. However, using our online booking system, even if it immediately before your appointment will guarantee that your experience will be convenient and comfortable.

If I see the doctor will I be able to get my results on the same day?

Yes! Most of our tests will come back in 4-6 hours ensuring that you get your results as quickly as possible. These tests will also be explained by an experienced and qualified same day GP. If the test does take longer than 4-6 hours you will be told by the doctor or over the phone and we will keep in touch with you in order to ensure that you are always included in the results process!

Will I be able to find a walk in centre near me?

Yes! At London Doctors Clinic, we have 20 central London locations to make sure that if you ever ask “is there a Walk in centre near me” you’ll be able to book a convenient appointment with a same day GP.