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Ski injuries

Get your skiing injuries, aches, pains and strains assessed by our expert private doctors.

If your skiing injury requires investigation, come and see one of our GP’s and get a referral to our Orthopaedic specialist at our Oxford street clinic or our partners at Total Orthopaedics 


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Common types of skiing injuries

Who doesn’t love the adrenaline rush of skiing? However, whether you ski as a sport or hobby, it doesn’t come without its risks.

Here are some of the common ski injuries to be aware of:

Skier’s thumb

Also known as Gamekeeper’s thumb, this type of injury occurs when the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) gets torn or damaged.

Shoulder injuries

Usually shoulder injuries happen if you fall awkwardly on an outstretched hand. In some more serious cases, shoulder dislocations or fractures can also occur.

Knee injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament ruptures (ACL) and Medical Collateral Ligament injuries (MCL) are common injuries when downhill skiing. These ligaments are inside the knee joint and help us twist, turn and pivot.

Joint pain

Wrists, ankles, knees and the lower back can all feel sore from straining the muscles while skiing.


Do I need an appointment?

If your aches, pains or strains are persistent after a skiing trip, and RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) or other over-the-counter remedies haven’t helped, book an appointment with us.

We’ll assess the problem within our standard 15-minute consultation and can refer you to see an orthopaedic specialist, who can help to restore mobility and revive muscles and joints.

We have our very own orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in sports injuries at our Oxford Street clinic.  We can arrange the appointment for you and the specialist is available on Wednesdays between 3-5pm. Or if this time and location doesn’t suit your needs, we can refer to Total Orthopaedics, who have clinics around London. 


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