Blood Type Testing: ABO

£91 – Results in 2 Days

Whether it be for for pregnancy, pre-operatively, other medical reasons or simply for curiosity – one simple Blood Typing Test will provide essential information to last a lifetime.

The main blood groups are A and B, with individuals being either A or B, both, or neither (O). Every person will then be either Rhesus D positive or negative. Therefore, there are 8 different combinations of ABO and Rhesus, producing 8 different blood type combinations.

Knowing your blood group can save essential time in case of emergency, whereby an urgent blood transfusion may be necessary. The graphic below shows who each blood group can donate blood to, and receive blood from:


This test is also essential for pregnant women, as a precaution to Rhesus disease.

Fast and efficient service, with results available by email within a couple of days. We’ll then send your person Blood Type Card to you by first class post, to carry on your person in case of emergencies. For more information on Blood Group testing, check out our blog piece here.

Please note the price listed above does not include the standard consultation price, starting from £89.

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