Antenatal Care


Antenatal Care

Services for Pregnant Women


Congratulations! You’re pregnant.. and at London Doctors Clinic, we aim to support you throughout your pregnancy, from conception to delivery – you and your baby are in safe hands. At London Doctors Clinic, our GPs are trained and experienced in all aspects of Maternity Care.


Early Pregnancy Consultation

At this 30-minute appointment, we assess your general wellbeing and perform a full examination including blood pressure, abdominal examination and urine test. We provide you with dietary and lifestyle advice to make sure you have the healthiest pregnancy possible. We also offer antenatal blood tests – please see below for further information on blood tests. 
At this appointment we refer you to a private Obstetrician of your choice to oversee your Antenatal Care
Please note that we are not able to do NHS referrals, but most NHS Antenatal Clinics accept self-referrals from their patients – please see your NHS hospital website for more information and do not hesitate to discuss any queries you may have with us.


Antenatal Checks

We work alongside your Obstetrician throughout your pregnancy and offer routine GP Antenatal check-ups to make sure that you and your baby are doing well.
The frequency of these checks varies according to your circumstances and is usually determined by your Obstetrician. 
At these 15-minute appointments we make sure your pregnancy is progressing as planned and carry out a full examination including blood pressure, abdominal examination, assessment of foetal heart rate and urine testing. We also offer blood tests if required.
If you have registered your pregnancy with an NHS Antenatal Clinic, you are also very welcome to see us for private GP Antenatal Checks, if this is more convenient for you than seeing your NHS GP. 




To enquire about our antenatal services, please give us a call or email at, and our LDC team will be happy to help!

Antenatal Profile

£632.00 – 3 Days
          • FBC + 5 part Diff
          • Blood Group and Rh Type, Atypical Antibody Screen, Haemoglobin Electrophoresis
          • Glucose
          • FT4/TSH
          • Rubella Antibodies (IgG), Toxoplasma (IgG/IgM), Hepatitis B sAg, Hep C Abs, Syphilis IgG/IgM
          • Varicella Zoster IgG (Immunity), HIV 1 & 2 Abs 


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