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Vaccination Clinic London 

Vaccinations are one of the most important ways of protecting individuals and the community from many preventable diseases and are essential for both adults and children.

We are currently offering a range of vaccinations at our Oxford Street clinic. Our vaccine appointments are usually with one of our experienced GPs and nurses, who will be able to administer your vaccine and answer any questions you may have. During your appointment, you can discuss any queries or concerns you have with the nurse, who will also discuss any potential side effects of the vaccine.

Some vaccinations require more than one injection, or booster vaccinations to be fully effective. The clinician administering your vaccine will fully explain the treatment course during your appointment.

We stock a wide range of vaccines which we are continually adding to. We also stock wellness vaccinations such as the flu vaccination. If the vaccine you require is not listed, we would recommend checking back regularly or get in touch by email and we will do our best to assist you.

Vaccine Type  
HPV Find out more 
Varicella Find out more
Flu  Find out more

To book your vaccine, simply use the dropdown below to select a location and choose your appointment time. Please mention the specific vaccine you require in the notes when making your booking. Please note we are not offering vaccinations at any other clinics.

To book a flu vaccination, please do not use the dropdown directly below. Please use the button at the bottom of this page instead.


HPV | £180 per dose

  • A full course of HPV vaccination includes 3 injections depending on the recipient’s age
  • Children aged 12 – 14 require 2 doses given 5 – 13 months apart
  • Individuals aged between 15 and 45 require three doses
  • Second dose 2 months after the initial injection and a final injection 4 months after the second
  • Please mention “HPV vaccine” in the notes when making your booking

Varicella | £85 per dose

  • The Varicella vaccine protects against the Varicella Zoster Virus (which causes chickenpox)
  • The vaccine is given as 2 separate injections, 4 to 8 weeks apart
  • Given to children and adults aged between 1 and 65
  • Please mention “Varicella vaccine” in the notes when making your booking

Flu Vaccination 

  • The flu vaccine protects against the influenza virus
  • People usually contract flu between December and March 
  • However, outbreaks can happen as early as October
  • It is recommended to get the flu vaccination as soon as they become available each year
  • Our flu vaccination service is currently available to those aged 9 to 64
  • Book your 2021 flu vaccination today by using the button below